Don't Give Up Skeleton: A Dark Souls and Bloodborne Podcast

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What's this show about?
Dark Souls! Demon's Souls! Bloodborne! Well, all of that. One of my favorite things about podcasts like Bonfireside Chat or Twin Humanities was listening to the guests. They'd usually talk about their history with the games before getting to the main part of the episode, and I found that fascinating. So I decided to start a show that was just that: a detailed interview podcast where I have a different guest each week, and we talk about their experiences with the Souls games. I've been lucky enough to have some wonderful guests, from podcasters to YouTubers to rappers to artists to speed runners to lore masters, and everything in between.

How can I get on the show, or recommend someone else to be on the show?
The best thing to do is email me: Depending on how many guests are currently scheduled and what my backlog looks like, there could be a significant wait to guest on the show. That said, I do keep track of each and every person who asks to be on, and I will be in touch.
(thanks to @Kou_Kagerou for the picture!)

How can I help the show?
You're so sweet. There are a few different ways: First and foremost: Patreon! Ratings and reviews on iTunes are actually very important to a smaller podcast. So is telling your friends or talking about the shows with fans of the Souls series, whether it's in person or on the internet. If you like the logo, maybe you'd consider buying some merch. Posting links to it on various social media can also be very helpful. The most important thing to me, however, is just listening to the show.

Where's a good place to start listening?
If you're new to the show, it can be a bit overwhelming to have over 150 episodes to choose from. I'd recommend starting episode 0, since that's the intro to the show and tells you a bit about me. After that, I recommend people you're likely to recognize from the Souls community. I've interviewed Gary and Kole from Bonfireside Chat, Paddy and CJ from Twin Humanities, Richard Pillbeam from Jerk Sans Frontiers, Jason Killingsworth from You Died (and a zillion other articles about Souls), or popular lore master Aegon of Astora. If you'd like further suggestions, just ask.

You said something wrong!
Yeah, you're gonna have that. While I've immersed myself in Souls games for the last seven years, I'm not an expert by any means. I try, and I do know probably more than your average person when it comes to the series, but I'm not a perfect person. If you hear me make a mistake and want to let me kmow, just email me.

Ok I'm gonna be on the show, what do I need to do?
So, here's a quick check of things you'll need to know about recording:

  • Use the best mic you have. If all you have are iPhone earbuds, that's fine, but remember to not let the mic rub against facial hair or clothing.
  • If possible, use over the ear headphones. If you don't have those, lower your output volume so your mic doesn't pick up the sound from your headphones, creating an echo.
  • I usually record via Discord, and you can find me there at EC#5421. If you want to join the Don't Give Up, Skeleton Discord server, you can use this invite:
  • Recording lasts for roughly 45-60 minutes. If you can record your audio locally, please do so, especially if you aren't located in the United States. I recommend Audacity for recording. Keep in mind you'll need to download the LAME encoder to export to MP3.
  • It can also be helpful to listen back to a recording of yourself before the show. Just record yourself talking in Audacity, and make sure it sounds relatively clear.
  • I'll walk you through the rest during the actual call!