Episode 90



September 27th, 2017

1 hr 40 mins 34 secs

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About this Episode

Welcome back, listeners. This week's guest is Theomony, a Souls lore enthusiast with some fascinating insights into the Souls/Bloodborne games. We've been friends on Twitter for awhile now, so it was great to sit down with her and talk about her experiences with the games. Be sure to check out her Souls streams and YouTube for some great hashtag content. Thanks for listening everyone!

Heads up everyone: since recording this podcast, Theomony released an essay entitled Lethe and Aletheia: The Essence of the Soul in Dark Souls, which you can find in the links below. I asked her to come back onto the show and discuss it, so after the credits in the main episode, stay tuned for an extra 30 minutes of lore talk centered around the essay.

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