Don't Give Up Skeleton: A Dark Souls and Bloodborne Podcast

Everyone has their own story about Dark Souls. What's yours?

Frequently Asked Questions

What's this show about?
Dark Souls! Demon's Souls! Bloodborne! Well, all of that. On every Souls podcast I've heard, they would invariably ask the guest "how'd you get into the series?" I decided that would make an excellent hook for a podcast

How can I get on the show, or recommend someone else to be on the show?
Unfortunately, right now I'm not accepting any new people to guest on the show. I've got quite a backlog of people that have already contacted me, so I want to clear those out before accepting anyone else. Be sure to follow the podcast Twitter account to see if this changes in the future.

How can I help the show?
You're so sweet. There a couple of different ways: ratings and reviews on iTunes are actually very important to a smaller podcast. So is telling your friends or talking about the shows with fans of the Souls series, whether it's in person or on the internet. Posting links to it on various social media can also be very helpful. The most important thing to me, though, is just downloading and listening to the show.

You said something wrong!
Yeah you're gonna have that. While I've immersed myself in Souls games for the last five years, I'm not an expert by any means. I try, and I do know probably more than your average person when it comes to the series, I'm not a perfect person. If you hear me make a mistake and want to correct me on it, just email me.